Since 1990, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited (HSAL) has participated in more than 125 environmental assessments (EAs), 175 socioeconomic impact assessment (SEIA) studies and 1,500 public meetings. The firm has also managed more than $30 billion (CDN) worth of client projects. We are proud of our excellent track record and proven successes in diverse fields.

Our project experience includes the following highlights:

Map of HSAL Completed Projects

Profiles of major HSAL Projects:

The links below provide downloadable and printable tear sheets for many HSAL projects that display the breadth of our expertise and the wide variety of clients for whom we have successfully completed projects.


Nuclear Related Work

Consultation, Communications, Surveys, and Facilitation

Oil and Gas

  • Peer Review of the Environmental Assessment for Line 10
  • SEIA for the PRISM Pipeline, Imperial Oil 
  • Economic Impact/Benefits Model for Assessing the Long-Term Construction and Operating Effects of the Millennium Pipeline
  • Socio-Economic Analysis and Public Consultation Strategy for the Vector Pipeline 
  • Socio-Economic and Cultural Impact Assessment Study - Centra Gas, Supply to Tweed 
  • Peer Review of Social Impact Assessment and Public Consultation Program for a Gas Transmission Pipeline in the Town of Ancaster
  • Socio-Economic and Cultural Impact Assessment Study – Consumers Gas Dufferin Simcoe Reinforcement Study
  • Socio-Economic and Cultural Impact Assessment Study - Consumers Gas, Supply to Village of Chalk River
  • Dawn Compressor Station to Lake Erie 36" Natural Gas Pipeline, With Ecological Services for Planning and Ecoplans For Union Gas and TransCanada Pipelines with ESP.
  • Socio-Economic and Cultural Impact Assessment Study for the Line Nine Reversal Project 
  • CSX Pipeline for Line 7 And 8 for Interprovincial Pipeline with ESP


  • Social Impact Assessment Peer Review for the Brampton Brick Norval Quarry
  • Peer Review for Limestone Quarry Application for the Rockfort Quarry (OMB No. PL000643, PL060448)
  • Peer Review for Preston Sand and Gravel
  • Peer Review of Pit Application for Graham Bros. Aggregates Ltd (OMB No. 00‐128) 
  • Pit Application for Five W Farms in the Township of Bexley (OMB No. PL 970862)
  • Pit Application for Lafarge Canada Inc. (OMB No. PL 912122)
  • Peer Review for Steetley South Quarry Inc. Hamilton Wentworth and Conservation Authority Proposed Waste Disposal Site

Landfill and Domestic Waste Management

  • Facilitated several meetings, and developed public consultation and communications strategy, and prepared a social evaluation matrix for the Toronto Beneficial Use of Bio-Solids
  • Peer review of Canadian Waste Services for the Warwick Landfill Expansion
  • Peer review of Canadian Waste Services for the Richmond Landfill Expansion 
  • Peer Review of Laidlaw Environmental’s Hazardous Waste Landfill Compensation and Terms of Good Neighbour Policy
  • OEB Hearing and Expert Testimony for the North Simcoe Landfill, Terms, Conditions and Compensation
  • Peer Review and social impact assessment for the Taro Aggregates East Quarry
  • Peer Review of Social Impact Assessment of Laidlaw Inc. Rotary (PCB) Kiln, Sarnia
  • SIA and Public Consultation Review of Steetley Quarry Products Hamilton-Wentworth landfill EA
  • SIA of 3R's Strategies in the Greater Toronto Area. Joint project with RIS Ltd., Future Urban Research and Dillon Consultants
  • SIA, site examination, structured interviews regarding impact of M6 Town of Markham proposed landfill site
  • IWA Short List Analysis, South York Quarry Lands.  Ltd., and Robert Lehman Planning Consultants Ltd
  • SIA of IWA Sites C34B and C48, Peel Region 
  • Developed SIA Site Selection Criteria and SIA work plan for the GTA Solid Waste Interim Steering Committee 
  • Developed Public Consultation Outline for Region of Durham Waste Transfer Station Study
  • Coordinated public consultation for the proposed Green Lane Landfill Expansion
  • Co-Author, IWA Short List Analysis, South York Quarry Lands, Superior-Crawford Sand and Gravel, April, 1993
  • Joint Author, Response to the Interim Waste Authority's Step 5 Approach and Criteria, Prepared by the Corporation of the Town of Markham
  • Co-Author. Social Impact Criteria Report. Report to the Solid Waste Steering Committee


  • Public Consultation Training and Facilitation for Canadian Model Forest Managers and staff.
  • Facilitated Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources workshop on Intrinsic Value associated with Forest Revenue decisions.
  • Planned and facilitated a two day workshop and prepared a report for MNR's, Forest Values Project 
  • Designed, organized and facilitated a three day Workshop for MNR's Timber Production Policy.
  • Facilitated  Workshop and Developed Public Consultation Strategy for MNR's Sustainable Forest Initiative
  • Co-Author, "Precious Values" a report on existence and intrinsic values in forest policy decision making for Forest Values Project, Ministry of Natural Resources, November 1994
  • Author, Forest Values Options Development Workshop Report, December, 1993
  • Co-Author of Proceedings, Ministry of Natural Resources, December, 1993
  • Author, Timber Production Policy Project Workshop Report, November, 1993
  • Co-Author of Proceedings, Ministry of Natural Resources, November, 1993

Economic Development

OMB Hearings Highlights

  • Centreville Quarry OMB Hearing
  • Corvette Avenue OMB Hearing
  • Five W Farms Quarry Expansion OMB Hearing
  • Hamilton Lynwood Charlton OMB Hearing
  • Oak Ridges Moraine OMB Hearing
  • Richmond Hill 'Environment First' Policies OMB Hearing
  • Simcoe County Greenlands Policies OMB Hearing Facilitation
  • Woburn Avenue OMB Hearing

Official Plans, Strategic Plans, and Community Vision

Planning Studies


Water and Wastewater